With the launch of Microservice Builder, the WebSphere Application Server team delivered to the marketplace a complete user experience for creating, testing, and deploying microservices, hybrid and Docker containerized apps. Our keen insight into the needs of enterprise developers led to the development of a turnkey solution that would eliminate many of the challenges faced by developers when adopting a microservices architecture. Specifically, our June release focused on enabling developers to easily learn about the intricacies of microservice apps, quickly compose and build innovative services, and then rapidly deploy them to various stages by using a pre-integrated DevOps pipeline; all with step-by-step guidance.

Microservice Builder has continued to evolve, focusing efforts to deliver on a first-class user experience for building, running and managing your microservices-based applications. This includes additional functionality to our MicroProfile based programming model as well enhancements to our pre-integrated pipeline and fabric. A key fabric feature included in this deliverable is a deeper integration with Istio. By integrating with Istio, Microservice Builder can provide capabilities to define flexible routing rules that enable patterns such as canary and A/B testing, along with enhanced abilities to inject failures for resiliency testing. These features will further enable development teams to deliver updates with speed and quality, ensure all services are secure and compliant, allowing for the agility needed to evolve applications based on market analysis and experimentations.

Expanding on the capabilities needed to confidently build, run and manage your microservice-based applications are the following updates to Microservice Builder:

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