Full-stack mobile development

Use Swift to interpret unstructured data from hacker news

Deliver applications in a world where mobile is boundless, expected, and essential to success

Full-stack developers recognize that nearly every application they build will almost certainly have a mobile component. Modern mobile apps rely on APIs, Cloud back-ends, and cloud processing. Developers want to build once, deploy everywhere, test once for all platforms, and update dynamically and with ease. Mobile is expected from consumers, and developers who can rapidly deliver can empower their companies.

Must knows for modern mobile developers

Create a mobile-friendly to-do list app with PHP, jQuery Mobile, and Google Tasks

Build a simple mobile app to create and manage your to-do lists. It’s easy with the Slim PHP micro-framework, jQuery Mobile, and the Google Tasks API.

7 foolproof tips for iOS memory management using Swift and Objective-C

Check out the techniques that I use to debug apps, find memory issues, and avoid ARC traps.

Mobile reference architecture

Develop, deploy, and manage scalable native and hybrid apps for mobile devices using this mobile reference architecture.

Dive deeper with modern mobile development

Build a cognitive recommendation app with Swift

Use this code pattern to develop a mobile app (chatbot) that recommends local restaurants and that can adapt to provide other recommendations, reservations, event planning, and tooling. You’ll use Swift, Watson services, and the Kitura framework.

Develop a hybrid mobile app with cloud-native back end

Develop a secure enterprise-grade Ionic/Cordova app that connects to Cloudant and IBM Cloud Object Storage via IBM Mobile Foundation.

Develop a hybrid mobile app with Push and Analytics

Develop a hybrid Cordova app with push notification services and mobile analytics services all on the IBM Cloud.

Build an app with the Watson Android SDK in Android Studio

Build and run a simple sample Android app that uses Watson services.

Watson Developer Cloud – Swift SDK

Use the code from this IBM Open Project to build Watson-enabled apps for iOS and Linux platforms.


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Events for modern mobile developers


April 5-9, 2018

CodeMobile Android and iOS Developer Conference

April 2-4, 2018 in Chester (outside of London), in UK


June 18-19, 2018 in Boston, MA