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Deliver applications in a world where mobile is boundless, expected, and essential to success

Full-stack developers recognize that nearly every application they build will almost certainly have a mobile component. Modern mobile apps rely on APIs, Cloud back-ends, and cloud processing. Developers want to build once, deploy everywhere, test once for all platforms, and update dynamically and with ease. Mobile is expected from consumers, and developers who can rapidly deliver can empower their companies.

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Why Watson for CoreML?

Integrating AI in everyday enterprise and consumer applications is steadily becoming the new normal. Read about scenarios where this is being applied with mobile today.

Server Side Swift Update for WWDC

Swift on the Server continues to evolve rapidly, with new capabilities, and language parity with iOS development. Check out the latest from Swift@IBM.

iOS App Development – Easier on IBM Cloud

Avoid digging through documentation and managing cloud settings with new approaches to iOS app integration with IBM Cloud.

Must knows for modern mobile developers

IBM Coder Platform – Challenge yourself!

Get started today with code challenges exploring IBM tech talked about @ AltConf and WWDC, including Watson for Core ML, Server Side Swift, Core Mobile services and more.

Asynchronous Programming in Server-Side Swift using GCD and OperationQueue

Explore asynchronous programming on server-side Swift using Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and OperationQueue

Mobile reference architecture

Develop, deploy, and manage scalable native and hybrid apps for mobile devices using this mobile reference architecture.

Dive deeper with modern mobile development

Build enterprise-grade services with Swift

Swift is a general-purpose language for Apple platforms and Linux. Learn how to build an enterprise Swift application that uses multiple services and libraries and deploy the app to the IBM Cloud.

It’s an App. It’s a game. It’s WatsonML.

Create your own iOS game to challenge players to find a variety of predetermined objects as fast as they can. Built with Watson for Core ML, Kitura, and more.

Develop a hybrid mobile app with Push and Analytics

Develop a hybrid Cordova app with push notification services and mobile analytics services all on the IBM Cloud.

Augmented Reality, Visual Recognition, and Core ML all rolled into one great app

Use ARKit, iOS Vision, Core ML, the Watson Swift SDK, and Watson Visual Recognition to create an intelligent AR app.

IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple

Build production-ready iOS apps, integrated with cloud services like Watson for Core ML, Hypersecure Data, Virtual Assistants and more in minutes.

View more patterns, open projects, and more on IBM Code

View more tutorials in the IBM developerWorks library

Connect now on the Swift@IBM Slack channel.

View more about Swift and Node.js

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