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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence – November 2018

Learn about each component in the ESPN Fantasy Football with Watson system, build a virtual assistant for iOS with Watson, and build a custom visual recognition model and deploy to an iOS app.

Artificial Intelligence – October 2018

Get a toolkit that helps you fight AI bias from all angles, see how an IBM team used AI to make ESPN Fantasy Football predictions, and snap and translate text in images.

Artificial Intelligence – September 2018

Create a Google Action with Watson Assistant, move your machine learning insights into production, and track an object in space.

Artificial Intelligence – August 2018

Classify audio embeddings on Watson Machine Learning by training a deep learning model, train and deploy your Fashion MNIST model on Kubernetes, and build a custom language model for Watson Speech to Text for a specific domain.

Artificial Intelligence – July 2018

Create an app to perform intelligent searches on data, create a custom visual recognition classifier, and deploy and use a multiframework deep learning platform on Kubernetes.

Artificial Intelligence – June 2018

Use Python to implement a simple network that classifies handwritten digits, build an iOS game powered by Core ML and Watson Visual Recognition, and integrate Watson Studio and Watson Campaign Automation to tailor your target audience for effective campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence – May 2018

Dig deeper into the fascinating world of N-grams and N-gram statistics, optimize your visual recognition classification, and build a chatbot with IBM Watson APIs.

Artificial Intelligence – April 2018

Build sophisticated chatbots with Watson technologies, take a community-driven approach to AI chatbot development with Bot Asset Exchange, and join the Topcoder Cognitive Community to develop the cognitive technology skills you need.

Artificial Intelligence – March 2018

Take a look at the practical aspects of implementing AI in the enterprise, develop your chatbot skills in the IBM Cloud, and learn more about the Bot Asset Exchange , which takes a community-driven approach to AI chatbot development.

Artificial Intelligence – February 2018

Find out more about the merge of IBM Bluemix with IBM Cloud, classify art using TensorFlow, and solve your real-world programming challenges with IBM Code Patterns.

Artificial Intelligence – December 2017

Get started with an overview of TensorFlow, apply DevOps-style thinking to cognitive or artificial intelligence systems, and analyze Twitter handles and hashtags for sentiment and content.

Artificial Intelligence – November 2017

Learn how to add features to a chatbot, understand the crucial role data plays in developing AI and cognitive applications, and explore IBM code patterns.

Artificial Intelligence – October 2017

Explore the languages of artificial intelligence, find out the most popular deep learning architectures, and take a deeper look at recurrent neural networks.

Artificial Intelligence – August 2017

Get a deeper look at recurrent neural networks, teach Watson what results to surface, and join the Topcoder Cognitive Community.

Artificial Intelligence – July 2017

Explore natural language processing, learn the history of artificial intelligence, and create a sports buddy with TJBot and Watson.

Artificial Intelligence – June 2017

Create a mobile app to provide data analysis, extend your chatbot to return weather information, and develop the cognitive technology skills you need in the Topcoder cognitive community.