Blockchain – December 2018

Make your blockchain smart contracts smarter with analytics, develop a smart contract with the IBM Blockchain Platform VSCode extension, and develop a voting application using Hyperledger and Ethereum .

Blockchain – November 2018

Use blockchain to track fitness club rewards, create a blockchain app for loyalty points with Hyperledger Fabric Ethereum Virtual Machine, and machine learning with CloudCoins.

Blockchain – October 2018

Create an Android app with blockchain integration, use blockchain to streamline the vehicle manufacturing process, and secure art using blockchain digital certificates.

Blockchain – August 2018

Watch Oliver Rodriguez reveal how supply networks built on blockchain can improve the distribution of aid before and after major disasters, explore the meaning of endorsement and how it relates to participating organizations in a blockchain network, and create a voting application prototype using Hyperledger Composer Playground.

Blockchain – July 2018

Create your first blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer, create a real-time payments application, and get an introduction to the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan.

Blockchain – June 2018

Track donations with blockchain, build a blockchain-enabled Android fitness app that uses Kubernetes for its backend, and extend your blockchain smart contracts with off-chain logic.

Blockchain – May 2018

Try the IBM Blockchain Starter Plan to build out your blockchain skills, check the performance and scalability of your blockchain applications in production, and learn how IBM is helping establish, evolve and extend blockchain networks.

Blockchain – April 2018

Try out the new IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan and get an easy-to-use development and testing environment, kick-start your blockchain network with the IBM Blockchain quick-start guide, and develop a public blockchain app from scratch in Python.

Blockchain – March 2018

Make yourself the essential blockchain go-to in your group by trying the forthcoming Starter Plan beta and immersing yourself in blockchain at Think, IBM’s premier technology conference (Las Vegas, March 19-22).

Blockchain – February 2018

Check out the free Blockchain Innovators webcasts led by IBM technical experts, join the one-hour roundtable on how you can initiate blockchain adoption discussions with the business stakeholders in your organization, and learn how to build a complete blockchain application using Hyperledger Composer.

Blockchain – December 2017

Take the Blockchain developer poll to help IBM shape future blockchain offerings, check out Conga Comics and enjoy some humorous blockchain jokes, and find out more about IBM Cloud Lite.

Blockchain – November 2017

Take our brand new course, IBM blockchain foundation developer, to get started with blockchain, peruse the Blockchain Developer Center for more helpful resources, and use two code patterns to write smart contracts.

Blockchain – October 2017

Find out if you have what it takes to be a blockchain hero: understand blockchain, avoid 5 project pitfalls, and deliver your solution on the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Blockchain – August/September 2017

Learn how you can use the IBM Blockchain Platform for application development at no cost, use a blockchain code pattern to explore Hyperledger Composer, and explore developer resources in the Blockchain Developer Center.

Blockchain – July 2017

Catch blockchain’s lighter side in a special livestream event, sign up for the free Blockchain essentials course (complete the quiz and earn a badge), and experiment with Blockchain-as-a-service on IBM Bluemix.

Blockchain – June 2017

Get started with Hyperledger Composer, learn from early adopters in the new Blockchain C-suite Study, and use the IBM Blockchain platform for an IoT application in a multipartner environment.

Blockchain – May 2017

Get your blockchain on with the free beta of IBM Blockchain on Bluemix, create and deploy a blockchain network on your local version of Hyperledger Fabric v1.0-alpha, and check out the lineup at the blockchain tech summit, Consensus 2017.