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India – July 2019

Call for Code 2019 – Submit your solution by July 29.

India – May 2019

Perform CRUD operations on a database for Elasticsearch instance, use drone aerial images, and develop a new STIX-shifter adapter.

India – April 2019

IBM Developer Day replays, Call for Code submissions are open, and IBM launches India Developer Champions.

India – February 2019

Secure your seat at the most exciting developer event of the year! IBM Developer Day is a one day event designed for developers to enhance their skills and gain hands on experience with the latest technology in areas of Cloud, AI, data science, Blockchain, IoT, and Quantum.

India – January 2019

Learn how to log Node applications with Winston and Log4js, export and import a Watson Assistant workspace, and integrate Watson Assistant with Facebook Messenger.

India – December 2018

Build a Container Image Inside a K8s Cluster, implement Learning Tools Interoperability modules for Moodle and related systems on Node.js, and set up an x86 system to build and package software for IBM POWER.

India – November 2018

Learn how to use Jenkins running on Kubernetes to conduct Canary deployments, get FfDL up and running on a private cloud, and debug your Node.js applications.

India – October 2018

Learn Istio Fundamentals in 35 minutes, create a virtual help desk, and watch the Call for Code conversation with Dia Mirza.

India – August 2018

Stream real-time data with MQTT, create an augmented reality application with facial detection, and look for local meetups near you.

India – July 2018

Take news from across the globe and present it in Hindi, bring Watson-powered chatbots to your call centers, and find the latest Data Science patterns.

India – June 2018

Answer the Call for Code by building global solutions for disaster preparedness, deploy and manage a Kubernetes cluster in IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, and take a developerWorks online course to build your skills.

India – April 2018

Use free and open source deep learning models with the IBM Code Model Asset Exchange, use QISKit for simple quantum computations, and relive THINK 2018 by watching replays.

India – March 2018

Watch the IBM Code Day replays, find out why you really don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to train AI, and cloud-host a graph database using Kubernetes.

India – January 2018

Register for IBM Code Day to build your skills and connect with experts, develop and test microservices on Cloud Foundry toolchain, and find the latest Data Science patterns.

India – August 2017

Use dW courses to build skills, build a personalized cognitive news search app, and use IBM Bluemix to add push notifications capability to an Android project.

India – July 2017

Solve problems with IBM Code, use the Watson Natural Language Understanding service to analyze text data, and watch keynote sessions from IBM Developer Connect 2017.