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Get started quickly on IBM Cloud using the developer CLI

Tutorials for IBM Cloud

Learn how to develop Node.js applications on IBM Cloud

Samples for IBM Cloud

Explore Node.js sample applications

IBM SDK for Node.js

Our trusted Node.js runtime ready for enterprise-scale applications

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Real-time monitoring with App Metrics and problem determination with Node Report

Node.js Support

Find out how to get help building your Node.js applications

What We Offer

Create a production-ready Nodejs application using the IBM SDK for Node.js, our trusted runtime that offers:

  • Diagnostics and Monitoring tools
  • Additional legal and license checks
  • Additional testing of the community runtime for peace of mind

Get started by creating a Node.js application on IBM Cloud, downloading the latest version, or pulling the Docker Image.

Code with Eclipse, VSCode, Atom, or another favorite IDE. We offer a VS Code extension that provides capabilities from our IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI that you use directly within the editor.

Using IBM Cloud, integrate with Data services like MongoDB and Redis, Watson Cognitive services like Conversation and Visual Recognition, and many more.

Run your applications on IBM Cloud Public and Private as containers or serverless actions, or deploy to your own server.

IBM’s Application Metrics for Node.js provides live performance information and Node Report provides information for problem determination whether running your app locally, on IBM Cloud, or monitoring your APIs through API Connect.

IBM’s Cloud platform automatically scales as your application grows. Start as a proof of concept and seamlessly scale to a production-ready application using Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, or OpenWhisk.

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