If your IBM Cloud application running slow or crashing and you need to know what is going on inside it, such as:

  • Information about classes being loaded
  • Processor CPU usage for the application and the system on which it is running
  • Environment Details of the configuration and system of the monitored application
  • Garbage Collection information about the heap and pause times
  • Method Trace information about method use over time
  • Native Memory information about the native memory usage
  • Method Profiling, with a sampling profile of methods including call paths
  • read more about Application Monitoring

then simply open the ‘Servers view’ provided by IBM Cloud Tools and Right-click your running application and select ‘Open Health Center’:


Initial setup: Ensure you have installed Health Center from Eclipse Marketplace, then ensure that your IBM Cloud application has the BLUEMIX_APP_MGMT_ENABLE environment variable set to hc. For more information, see How to configure App Management in the IBM Cloud App Management documentation.

See it in action:

If you have any feedback about this monitoring capability, please drop an email to javatools@uk.ibm.com

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