I’ve been keeping you up to date on the progress of Node.js community support for Linux on Power, AIX, LinuxOne and Linux on Z over the past while and its time for the most recent updates.

I’m happy to be able to let you know that the regression tests for community master are now running for LinuxOne. You can see recent runs here:  https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-linuxone/.  We had been waiting for the level of v8 in master to be upgraded to v5.1 or later and that happened a few weeks ago.  This update may happen for v6.x as well but that depends on the community validating that breaking changes can be avoided.  You can see the discussion near the end of this issue: https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/7016#issuecomment-230456020.  In the mean time the next step is to add linuxOne to the nightlies built from master.   If you want to track the progress on that you can follow this issue: https://github.com/nodejs/build/issues/445.

On the AIX front hardware has arrived at osuosl(http://osuosl.org/ and we hope to be getting access to 3 new AIX virtual machines in the next week or so. We’ll then start to add them to the Node.js community CI allowing us to progress support on the AIX front.

On the z/OS front we’ve started contributing to libuv, one of Node.js’ key components and are hoping to land the initial changes soon.  You can follow that here:  https://github.com/libuv/libuv/pull/937.  There is also work on Node.js for z/OS going on in this repo: https://github.com/ibmruntimes/v8z/tree/3.28-zos.

If you are wondering about PPC, well not much to say, its available from the community downloads for current and LTS releases as mentioned before and will for future releases as well (see https://nodejs.org/en/download/).

So until next time, if you want to learn about processors, code generation, garbage collection, operating systems, aysnc systems and building high a performance JavaScript platform come join us by  joining the Node.js Foundation technical community, or contributing to the V8 ports.

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