There has been a lot happening in the Node.js community lately with v6.x being promoted to LTS status and the release of initial versions of v7.x as the next Current release line.  It’s great to be able to take advantage of the performance and functional improvements in v6.x in an LTS release.

What you might not have noticed is the the enhanced platform support that came along with those community releases.  I’ve been keeping you up to date on the progress of Node.js community support for Linux on Power, AIX, and LinuxOne/Linux on z and I’m happy to be able to say that you can now get binaries for all of these platforms from the community download site for the latest LTS releases (v6.x) and the latest Current releases (v7.x).

If you go to the main community download page you’ll now see that the links for these platforms link directly to the community download directory for those releases just like all the rest of the platforms !



While the binaries have been available from the community download site for a while for PPC and more recently for LinuxOne/Linux on z and AIX it’s good that they can now be easily accessed from the main download page.  It is also a milestone in that v6.x is the first LTS release with support for all three of those platforms.

As I mentioned before, from now on in we hope that the story for Linux on PPC, LinuxOne/Linux on z and AIX will be pretty boring, they’ll just be part of the regular releases like the other platforms.

Separately, work also continues on Node.js for z/OS in this repo: If you are interested in trying it out, and would like binaries instead of building it yourself, drop me a note and I’ll let you know how to get them once they are ready.

So until next time, if you want to learn about processors, code generation, garbage collection, operating systems, aysnc systems and building high a performance JavaScript platform come join us by joining the Node.js Foundation technical community, or contributing to the V8 ports.

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