With Node Interactive US just around the corner I was thinking back to the the first Node Interactive in Portland just under a year ago.

It stands out as a milestone that brought together many great speakers and was the biggest conference since the formation of the Node.js foundation.  I enjoyed talking with many community members, collaborators and end users.

There were a few different themes that stood out, one being around post-mortem debugging and the available tooling. It’s one that resonated with me and many of the people that I talked to.¬† Fast forward to this year and it’s good to see the progress being made in the community on this front. There is active development in the post-mortem working group on a couple of key projects to make it easier to capture and interpret post-mortem data across platforms:

This year’s conference will be another great opportunity to catch up with the Node.js community and includes an update on these projects in a talk by Richard Chamberlain and Yunong Xiao.¬† I’d recommend you check it out.



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