node-report is a handy module for capturing information about what’s going on in your application when something goes wrong (crash, un-handled exception, out of memory). It also helps you if your application is not behaving the way you expect.¬† It generates a human readable diagnostic summary which is easy to consume and is a great addition to your post-mortem debugging¬† toolkit.

Whats New ?

I just finished adding the first cut at the continuous integration (CI) runs for in Node.js community infrastructure:

The continuous integration runs show what platforms node-report is passing all of it tests on.  The screenshot below  shows that is is passing on all platforms except smartos and one flavor of windows.


The CI runs will help the community shake out the last issues on those platforms and then make sure we keep node-report working across all the Node.js supported platforms. This will make sure node-report is available when you need to debug your application regardless of the platform you are using.

When you are debugging your application check it out here:

If you want to learn more about node-report and post-mortem debugging check out this talk from Node Interactive US 2017:

If you have any questions you can reach out to the Node.js community or myself on twitter @mhdawson1.

2 comments on"Improved testing for Node.js problem investigation tool"

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  2. […] Improved testing for Node.js problem investigation tool […]

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