The node-report module provides an easy-to-use general purpose diagnostic report for Node.js applications. It can be triggered automatically on uncaught exceptions or fatal errors, by OS signal, or by calling a JavaScript API. The module contains native (C++) code so that it can run when the V8 JavaScript engine has failed (for example in the case of an out-of-memory error), and so that it can obtain OS platform information, for example native stack traces and Linux ulimit settings.

Comprehensive testing of updates and new versions of the node-report module is important. The github repository for the module contains a set of tests in the /tests directory. These tests are written using the TAP test framework. The tests are structured with a JavaScript test program for each scenario in which node-report is being tested (for example on uncaught exception or on fatal error). The test programs are run as separate processes. A shared validation program (tests/common.js) then checks that the content of the generated node-report file is as expected. To install the node-report module and its prerequisites and run the tests use the following steps:

git clone
cd node-report
npm install
npm test

The output of a successful test run is as follows:

The node-report module contains code that is OS platform dependent, so it is important that the tests are run on a range of supported platforms. The node-report Continuous Integration (CI) build uses Jenkins to schedule tests on a list of machines. By default, the node-report CI build tests the latest master branch of the node-report module using the latest development level of Node.js, on all machines. The node-report branch, version of Node.js and machine selection can all be configured as required for a test run. An example Jenkins run is as follows:

Acknowledgments: thanks to Richard Lau for converting the node-report tests to use tap, and for extending the test coverage. Thanks to Michael Dawson, Gibson Fahnestock and George Adams for setting up the CI build.

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