What’s the overhead ?

So you’ve followed the simple steps to use appmetrics-dash to visualize the performance of your Node.js application and you want to know the impact it will have on your application.

We’ve completed performance analysis and are pleased to tell you that the impact is minimal. In terms of processing, the overhead adds around 0.5 % to the CPU usage of your application. The additional memory required is around 30 MB to gather information about your system and application which is then visualized in the dashboard. The results were gathered using the default setup as described below.

How We tested

We’ve tested appmetrics and appmetrics-dash on linux and windows by monitoring the sample application Acme Air, available here. We used MongoDB as our datastore and used JMeter to drive load though the program. We have performed this testing with Node.js version 6.10.3.

In this scenario, appmetrics will be gathering information on CPU, Memory, Garbage Collection and monitoring the event loop. The active probes are http, socket.io and MongoDB, tracing activity in the application.

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