Beta 1 for IBM SDK for Node.js — z/OS, based on Node.js v6.10.3, is now available. This beta brings z/OS up-to-speed with the current Node.js community LTS release, and offers many great Node.js v6.x features (i.e. more ES6 support, better Buffer performance, newer V8 JavaScript engine — 5.1) that our previous 0.12 based Tech Preview lacked.

You may notice that one of the main differences with this Beta 1 driver is the larger file size.  We have bundled an updated C/C++ runtime and compiler that supports C++11 features into the package. Please ensure you have at least 2GB of HFS space to unpax the driver and 400MB of MVS dataset space under your user’s HLQ. In addition, make sure to follow the additional installation step (requires Perl) needed to install the C/C++ runtime prior to running your Node.js applications.

We wanted to deliver v6.x capabilities into your hands earlier to get feedback.  For this beta, to run node, you will need to manually export a STEPLIB environment variable that points to the newer C/C++ runtime. A PTF for the runtime changes will be available shortly, so you won’t need to set this STEPLIB in the future.


Native add-ons are not supported in this beta driver.  We’ll introduce native add-on support in the next beta in a few weeks, along with z/OS file tag handling and other fixes. Stay tuned!

With that, please visit our DeveloperWorks site to grab the latest Beta 1 driver: . The page also contains instructions for installing, running and troubleshooting. As always, please reach out to us if you have any issues, via our community or on GitHub.

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