Back from Node Summit last week I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a short recap of my experience.

It was a busy week.  It all stared on Monday with an IBM workshop and meet-up with a focus on IoT and Node-red. It was my first time with Node-red and we all got a great introduction to the technology by the creator Nick O’Leary and fellow IBM’r  JeanCarl Bisson.  Being able to use a visual tool to be able to connect devices and flows was interesting to see in action.  I left having a much better understanding of Node-red and how to use it.

Tuesday was day zero for Node Summit with a range of workshops.  I chose track 2 which had a focus on the JS Foundation projects driving the JavaScript revolution in IoT.  It was interesting to hear about the projects ranging from JerryScript for small devices to Serverless in the cloud.  Nick O’Leary also spoke about Node-Red with examples of running it in IBM’s cloud platform   I suggest you check out his talk when the Node Summit recordings come out as well as this interview from the conference During his talk IBM gave out Raspberry Pi’s which have Node-Red pre-installed.  Needless to say this was well received.

Tuesday night was the inaugural #NodeMinds dinner where I got to meet and talk with a great group of people about what things we could do to further grow and support the Node.js community.  You can read more about that here:

The main conference started Wednesday, and I had 2 talks scheduled that day.  The first one was on the new N-API for native add-on modules for which the slides are available here:  If you maintain a native module you really should check them out and get involved.  The second session was a panel on bench-marking.   Dan Shaw did a great job moderating the panel and I hope that it raised interest and helped people understand why and how they might come and contribute to the Node.js community benchmarking group: I also had an opportunity to do an interview with theCube were I was able to talk about these topics as well:  Day one also had some great keynotes and some interesting panels and a packed session on the Node.js event loop by Sam Roberts.  Overall it was a packed agenda and it was hard to fit it all in due to the great selection of interesting sessions.

The second day on Thursday was a bit more relaxed for me since my talks were over and it was a great chance to attend more talks and panels, have some good side discussions and check out the booths.  It was good to have the chance to talk to people about N-API, bench-marking, security, diagnostics and the future of Node.js in general.

This was my third Node Summit and from my perspective they get better every year.

The week wrapped up on Friday with the community VM-summit.  We talked about the criteria for N-API becoming non-experimental, potential use of N-API in JerryScript,  FFI and a few other topics .  You can read the full meeting notes here:

Overall it was a very busy and productive week and I hope to be able to attend next year.






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