Node.js has seen impressive adoption over the last four years and business critical applications using Node.js are now widely deployed.

IBM has made significant investments into the Node.js community. This has led to a growing number of users asking about the availability of formal support for the runtime. As a result IBM has announced the availability of two levels of commercial support for Node.js

IBM Foundation Support for Runtimes

Foundation Support provides coverage for the open source Node.js runtime. Support is available for the Node.js 6 & 8 LTS binaries from the community or from IBM

The Node.js runtime support is available regardless of which modules you are using within your application.

Support is available for wherever you want to deploy the runtime: whether that’s on your own machines or in the cloud, and whether that’s IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Heroku or somewhere else.

IBM Advanced Support for Runtime Frameworks

Advanced Support expands on Foundation Support, providing additional coverage for the Express.js and Loopback frameworks as well as the packages on which they rely.

Monitoring capabilities are covered via the appmetrics and appmetrics-dash packages.

These provide you with the majority of what you need in order to be able to create, deploy, monitor and scale production-grade web applications and mobile back ends using Node.js

This is part of IBM’s commercial support for open source programming languages and their popular runtime frameworks, which currently covers Java, Node.js and Swift.

For more information visit the IBM Marketplace, or contact

Note: A Node.js support offering for z/OS is already available.

3 comments on"Support for Node.js via IBM Support for Runtimes"

  1. Dear team,
    I am exploring Node js on IBM-i , I wanted your help in deleting the record from the file using node js express module. can anyone help me on this

  2. Paul Ivinson May 07, 2019

    Great to hear you are exploring Node.js on IBM i. The offering “IBM Support for Runtimes” doesn’t cover IBM i, rather support is covered by the platform.

  3. Hi, Vivek.
    If you are interested in doing CRUD-type operations on IBM i, you probably want to use one of these modules: (IBM i will have an ODBC module available very very soon)

    Also, for some functional examples, see this GitHub repo, which includes some CRUD from express examples: (feel free to open issues there with any questions you have)

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