Do you want to learn more about how to deploy a Node.js app to an IBM Cloud Kubernetes cluster? Or are you interested in an introduction to Kubernetes and what it can do for you and your app development? Check out our tutorial Deploy a scalable web application on Kubernetes. We walk you through the whole process from creating a new Kubernetes cluster to monitoring your application health and scaling Kubernetes pods.

Kubernetes on IBM Cloud

The tutorial covers the following objectives:

  • Create a Kubernetes cluster
  • Scaffold a starter application
  • Deploy the application to the Kubernetes cluster
  • Bind a custom domain
  • Monitor the logs and health of the cluster
  • Scale Kubernetes pods

The tutorial is language agnostic— but includes Node.js-specific notes for creating a new application— so the information applies to whichever language you’re using. Also, there is an abundance of references to help build a wholistic understanding of the power and value of Kubernetes on IBM Cloud.

To view other tutorials about creating a Node.js application and deploying it to IBM Cloud, visit our Cloud page.

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