A (very) brief history

Back in 2012, the IBM Runtimes team started a mission to ensure Node.js® was a first-class citizen on IBM Platforms, such as POWER and IBM Z. We grabbed the source code from the community, ported it, built it, tested it and made it available to clients as the ‘IBM SDK for Node.js’.

During this time, we worked extensively in the community to help make Node.js a success and enhance the runtime. IBMers are amongst the top contributors to the runtime, and due to their contributions we now have members in the Technical Steering Committee, Community Committee and several working groups.

Alongside those contributions, we donated hardware and worked to get the SDK builds for IBM platforms into the community process. Now that this effort is complete, and that we are confident in the building and testing frameworks that exist for the runtime – we are able to deprecate the proprietary IBM SDK for Node.js in favour of the community builds.


So what does this decision mean for users of Node.js?

  • Trusted open source runtime: The only reason we’ve been able to make this change is due to the many hours of investment from both IBMers and others in the community – building CI pipelines, running benchmarking and regression tests, moving to an LTS strategy, etc.
  • Staying current: When we were building the SDK, occasionally there would be delays between community releases and our own due to the process of building or quirks on a particular platform. Now, whether you deploy on IBM Cloud, MacOS, or any supported platform – you’ll be able to enjoy the latest and greatest straight away.
  • Being open: Besides our own testing, the main functional difference between the IBM SDK for Node.js and the community binaries, was the inclusion of the appmetrics and node-report. We’ve now open sourced those technologies under Apache-2.0 and MIT licenses respectively, for easy inclusion alongside the community version of Node.js.
  • New focus: Our journey with Node.js is just beginning, we’ll continue to work in and support the community. Because we are no longer producing the IBM SDK we can instead increase our contributions to the testing efforts on the community version, and work on cool stuff for Node developers that we can’t wait to share with you. Watch this space!

So where do I go to download Node.js for deploying to IBM Platforms?

We will continue to provide a curated list here on the Node.js Developer Center – or head on over to the Node.js foundation’s downloads page.

Getting support for Node.js from IBM

Did you know that we have a new support offering that covers Java, Swift, Node and key frameworks such as Express and Loopback, across on premise as well as public and private cloud deployments?

Find out more on IBM marketplace

Please note that IBM support for Node.js releases ends in line with LTS in the community.

  • Node 4.x – Ends April 2018
  • Node 6.x – Ends April 2019
  • Node 8.x – Ends December 2019

Node.js is a trademark of Joyent, Inc. and is used with its permission. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with Joyent.

2 comments on"Going open: Deprecating the IBM SDK for Node.js in favour of the community builds"

  1. Richard_Tran April 25, 2018

    I see that the IBM SDKs has a z/OS trial version. Are there any plans on getting that as a supported OS for the community builds?

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