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Getting started with the Open Liberty application server

You will learn how to run and update a simple REST microservice on an Open Liberty server. You will use Maven throughout the guide to build and deploy the microservice as well as to interact with the running server instance.

Get started with cloud-native on the open Java stack

Have a go at developing a cloud-native microservice on a fully open source and open standards stack. Use the Eclipse MicroProfile programming model to develop a robust and flexible microservice. Deploy it to the Open Liberty server running on the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM. Handle microservice metrics and alerting with MicroProfile Metrics and Health. Finally, build and run the application in a Docker container ready for deployment to your favourite cloud.

How to Run Kotlin on Liberty, and Why You’d Want to Do It

Kotlin is a fast-growing alternative language to Java that runs on a JVM, which is being used for front-end development on Android as well as on servers. As a JVM language, you can use all of the tools and processes you know and love, but with a new language. In fact, you can mix Kotlin and Java code in the same application, meaning you can also continue to use your favorite frameworks and libraries. This lab will go from the basics of Kotlin code and how it compares to Java, to building and deploying REST APIs using Open Liberty.

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