Toby is a Software Engineer and lead technical architect of Consumability tooling in Runtimes. The team develops monitoring and analytic solutions for Swift, Node.js and Java. These solutions inlcude low overhead monitoring, profiling and diagnostics capabilities and free Eclipse based tools such as Health Center, Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer (GCMV), Memory Analyzer and IBM Diagnostics Data Explorer (IDDE). For the last few years, Toby has been focusing on providing a monitoring solution that can be adapted to multiple runtimes and integrated into new technologies

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Add Zipkin trace support to your Node.js application with one line of code

appmetrics-zipkin is now live but what is it and why should you use it ? Put simply, appmetrics-zipkin will automatically provide integration with the Zipkin...

Why check your Node.js application for performance?

We have all experienced the frustration of waiting for an application to finish a task. Slow loading webpages, timeouts on database queries, unresponsive ui’s and...

Use appmetrics-dash in Bluemix in 3 easy steps

To use appmetrics-dash in an application hosted on Bluemix requires 3 easy steps. Rather than have appmetrics-dash start its own http server (which is the...

Monitoring Express Node.js applications with appmetrics-dash

appmetrics-dash provides a dashboard to visualize the performance of your Node.js application. The dashboard uses Node Application Metrics to monitor the application displaying the results...

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