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Finding Node.js performance problems early using appmetrics-dash

In this article we are going to simulate a performance problem using a very simple Node.js Express based application. This will demonstrate how you can...

Using the gencore module to obtain core dumps for use with llnode

The llnode plugin for lldb allows you to investigate Node.js problems using lldb. The gencore npm package exists to generate core dumps in situations where...

Additional libuv handle information in node-report 2.2.0

From version 2.2.0 node-report has been enhanced to provide more details on the libuv handles on the event loop in the “Node.js libuv Handle Summary”...

Integrating node-report into your error handling by passing an Error object.

Background The node-report npm is useful for diagnosing many errors in Node.js applications. It generates a report telling you about the state of your Node.js...

Securely use appmetrics-dash in IBM Cloud

You can use appmetrics-dash in an application hosted on IBM Cloud. In your development environment follow the 3 simple steps for getting started with appmetrics....

findrefs command for llnode.

The findrefs command extends llnode to allow you to discover which objects refer to another object and enhances the memory analysis capabilities of llnode. llnode...

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