Instant and powerful insights into the live performance of your Node.js applications.

Get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. npm install -S appmetrics-dash
  2. In your Node.js application, add:
  3. Monitor your running Node.js application in a web browser at:

  4. steps for IBM Cloud

Who’s using Application Metrics for Node.js…


Microclimate is an end to end development environment that lets you rapidly create, edit, and deploy applications.

Application metrics helps enable Microclimate diagnostic services that add capabilities at development time to improve problem determination in production through application metrics

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IBM API Connect

Want the simplicity of a single API management tool?

IBM API Connect automatically monitors APIs during the development lifecycle in one, integrated offering.

All of the steps in the API lifecycle (creating, running, managing, and securing), and the actions that surround it, are performed within the same API management tool: no need to use several different tools to obtain the same capability.

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Monitoring applications anywhere with APM

Want to improve the experience of end users?

Node Application Metrics feeds live application performance metrics to application performance management (APM) tools that detect and address software application issues.

In a world of increasingly complex application environments, these tools monitor and manage performance, availability, and security throughout the application lifecycle by measuring the response times of users, application components, and specific transactions.

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Auto-scaling Cloud applications on IBM Cloud

Prefer to pay only for the resources you need, when you need them?

Application Metrics for Node.js feeds live CPU and memory metrics to the IBM Cloud auto-scaling engine to automatically adjust the number of application instances by adding and removing resources to match the current workload, based on the auto-scaling policy you define.

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Monitoring Cloud applications on IBM Cloud

Need visibility and control of your application on IBM Cloud?

Node Application Metrics feeds live application performance metrics to the Monitoring and Analytics service in IBM Cloud. This service is easy to learn and quick to deploy and you can use the Monitoring and Analytics service in development, test, and production “Platform as a Service” environments.

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