IBM SDK for Node.js

Announcement: Deprecating the IBM SDK for Node.js in favour of the community SDKs

Alongside the release of Node.js v10.0.0, with the IBM platforms now an integral part of the community build process – we are no longer producing the proprietary IBM SDK. Read more about this exciting development in this blog post.

You can find downloads for Node.js on IBM platforms on the Node.js downloads page.

Execute server-side JavaScript with this SDK for IBM platforms.

The IBM® SDK for Node.js provides a stand-alone JavaScript® runtime and server-side JavaScript solution for IBM platforms. It provides a high-performance, highly scalable, event-driven environment with non-blocking I/O that is programmed with the familiar JavaScript programming language.

The IBM SDK for Node.js is based on the Node.js open source project. It provides a compatible solution for IBM Power , Intel® and z Systems products that require Node.js functionality and package management.

Download the IBM SDK for Node.js Version 8

Technical support

Use the IBM SDK for Node.js community to share your experiences, ideas, or solutions for this exciting technology. Our development team wants to hear your feedback.

The IBM SDK for Node.js may be embedded in other IBM products. If you have a license for one of these products that includes support you can also report problems using the standard IBM product support process.

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