You can use appmetrics-dash in an application hosted on IBM Cloud.

  1. In your development environment follow the 3 simple steps for getting started with appmetrics.
  2. Use cf push as usual to push your application to IBM Cloud.
  3. Use cf ssh APP_NAME -L localhost:3001:localhost:3001 to make appmetrics-dash available on localhost:3001/appmetrics-dash exactly as when you were running your application locally.

Running cf ssh opens a secure connection to your application container instance and the -L parameter tells ssh to listen for connections to localhost:3001 on the local machine and forward them to localhost:3001 on the remote machine. This limits access to appmetrics-dash to only users who can use cf commands to access your application and ensures the data is sent across a secure connection.
If you want to be able to access a remote instance of appmetrics-dash at the same time as a local one you are using for development you can just forward the remote port to a different local port For example cf ssh -L localhost:3002:localhost:3001 will make the remote instance available on localhost:3001/appmetrics-dash