The Support team is pleased to collaborate to odm/DEV consolidating the technical resources related to Operational Decision Manager. We hope it will be helpful to you to successfully design, create and build application with Operational Decision Manager.

Let’s visit the site and become familiar with the new toolbar.


First you will find all the answers in the Forum. You can participate in the discussion and with your vote make an answer relevant or not. Help others find their answers.
If your answer is not available yet then ask. In this forum tagging is key to a good experience, if we all follow some simple rules it will be easier for everyone to navigate.

Always use the tag ibmodm so that answers are visible under the same link.
Add the following tag according to the component you are using

  • ds-insights for the new Decision Server Insights,
  • decisioncenter for Decision Center
  • ds-rules for Decision Server Rules
  • ds-events for Decision Server Events.


But there is more, Assets introduces a new way to share samples and tools. Not only can you find a tool or an example but you can also contribute to it, provide your own version. Even better if you have your own cool customization, if you have a sample rule project or a great insights solution you can share it.


Thanks to Videos you will be able to learn in a few minutes about ODM Capabilities, Solutions integrating with other products, how to get started and many more subjects.


With Docs you will find the links to the product knowledge center, red papers and other essential documentation. When you want to deep dive into a specific subject this is the place to go. Docs also provide the information to contact us, when nothing seems to be helping we will.

I hope to meet you on the forum and exchange coding tips.
This developer center is designed for you and with your participation it can become what you want.

Leave me a comment, I want to read your feedback.

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