We have just published a series of videos to help you get started with ODM Advanced – Decision Server Insights (DSI). You may have read and watched the videos about DSI referenced in Francis blog post.

You want to learn more and see how it all works continue reading…

This videos illustrate how you can use Decision Server Insights to create a new solution, with a specific example on managing a customer change of address based on a notification received over http.

It all starts with Insight Designer the main authoring tool for DSI.

The first step is to create a solution.

In this solution the next step is to define the customer, the address and the event representing a change of address. We model the business entities and events in step 2.

Now you have the model you need to define the logic. The next step is to specify what happens when a change of address event is received and associate this action with the change of address event. See how to create a rule agent in step 3.

Easy and fast so far. Now you wonder how does this rule agent receives the event?

DSI provides the tooling to receive and send events over http or JMS, See how you model the connectivity settings in step 4 for your solution.

At this point the solution is complete you can deploy it in step 5 and test it in step 6.

We hope you find those videos useful to improve your skills on Insight Designer and DSI to aid you with your own projects.

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