I am delighted to inform you that IBM ODM team we have just announced a new release of ODM adding additional capability and value for our clients.

ODM 8.7.1 provides a host of new capabilities that improve performance, enhance business user and developer experience and simplify platform operation on both Distributed and z/OS editions.

Both editions support new capabilities for Decision Center and Decision Server Rules include ease of operation and governance
Decision Center now offers provides the ability to manage XOM archives enabling and simplifying the deployment of all decision service resources from that environment. User management is greatly simplified enabling new user roles to be created without having to modify and restart Decision Center and its supporting application server. Governance is made easier with the ability to create simulations and report outcomes from within a validation activity. Finally the test reports also benefit from an improved layout for improved useability.

Additionally the distributed edition supports new capabilities for Decision Server Insights focus on developer productivity and performance tuning. New developer productivity capabilities include a new business-friendly language is introduced that allows developer and subject matter experts to easily specify and run test scenarios. The Insight Inspector is improved with the display of rules that fired (or not) as a result of a received event. It also enables import and export of recordings. Easy point&click deployment is now available in Insight designer.
Resource consumption and Performance tuning is supported with the ability to manage memory usage better using long-term event on persistent storage and to configure time horizons for retention by event type. This allows new flexibility allowing solutions to reduce unnecessary memory use on some events with short retention needs.

Finally the z/OS edition of ODM offers a number of platform specific improvements including support of a Websphere Application Server Liberty profile for Rule Execution Servers, dynamic control over diagnostic information and support for ruleset interceptors.

More details can be found in the announcement letters for Distributed support and z/OS support.

Planned availability is May 15, 2015 for distributed and May 22 for z/OS. If you can’t wait till then, please register and participate in our early access program .

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