We have made our flagship, industry-leading decision management platform even better with the release of IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced for z/OS, V8.8 enables proactive decisions in the business moment on a z Systems server

IBM ODM for z/OS v8.8 was announced on 6th October 2015 and will be available on December 11th 2015.

IBM Operational Decision Manager (IBM ODM) for z/OS, V8.8 delivers new and enhanced capabilities that include:

  • Introduction of the new Decision Server Insights component for creating events-based solutions to build situation context and apply insight to optimize decisions at the time of interaction.
  • Extended decision management, flexible user administration capabilities, and an improved user experience in the Business Console
  • Upgrade support without operation interruption
  • Enhanced support for IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile

In addition, the IBM ODM Decision Server offerings are restructured to facilitate a gradual adoption of decision management capabilities with Standard and Advanced editions.

ODM Advanced for z/OS and ODM Standard for z/OS facilitate the reuse of decisions between mainframe and distributed applications.

Decision Server Standard on z/OS provides customers with four rule execution options for their
COBOL and PL/I applications that operate in CICS, IMS, WebSphere Application Server, and z/OS batch environments.

  • Execution of rules in the zRule Execution Server hosted in a z/OS address space
  • Execution of rules in the zRule Execution Server within a z/OS Batch execution environment
  • Execution of rules in the zRule Execution Server hosted in a CICS JVM
  • Execution of rules in Rule Execution Server hosted in WebSphere Application Server on z/

The following new and enhanced capabilities are offered in Version 8.8 for Decision Center and Decision Server Rules:

  • Rule management participants are offered additional management capabilities in the the Business Console that includes ruleflow visualization and navigation and decision operation creation and management.
  • Decision Center administrators are delivered with a simpler, more flexible user interface to manage users and user permissions.
  • Further improvement in the business console help improve the user experience, including easier navigation of decision artifacts and better performing and a more scalable decision table editor.
  • Allows easier operation with streamlined upgrades without interruption of services.
  • Includes more options to use the Websphere Application Server Liberty profile with Rule Execution Server hosting on Liberty Profile in CICS and support for Decision Center.
  • Additional platform support includes Java 8 and updates Rule Designer for use with Eclipse 4.4, Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software 9.5, and Rational Solution Architect Designer 9.5.

IBM ODM Advanced on z/OS builds on the capabilities of IBM ODM Standard Edition with Decision Server Insights.

Decision Server Insights captures events, builds context, and applies it to operational decisions in real time. Customers can detect situations as they occur, presenting risks or opportunities, to enable appropriate actions.

Decision Server Insights takes advantage of and expands on the event processing and decision modeling and management capabilities of IBM ODM. It introduces rich time modeling, reasoning and analytics to detect and respond to intricate patterns and trends; innovative global analytics to extract valuable insights over populations of business entities in real time; and generalized, business-friendly modeling over all aspects of the decision model design.

The key pre-requisites for IBM ODM for z/OS V8.8 are an IBM z Systems processor, which includes IBM z13, IBM zEnterprise, and IBM z10, or an equivalent hardware server that is capable of running z/OS V2.1 or V1.13

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