We have made our flagship, industry-leading decision management platform, even better with the release of IBM ODM v8.8. IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.8 delivers powerful, real-time trend analytics, streamline DevOps, and empowers businesses to own and manage automated decisions

IBM ODM V8.8 was announced on 6th October 2015 and will be available on November 27th 2015 for electronic distribution.
Pattern configuration for IBM ODM V8.8 will be available on December 18, 2015 for Electronic distribution.

Additional capabilities have been added to IBM ODM V8.8, including improvements for Decision Server Insights, Decision Center, and Decision Server Rules.

New for this release is a PureApplication System pattern configuration for Decision Server Insights

The PureApplication System pattern configuration for Decision Server Insights is optimized to help accelerate the setup and management of complex, highly available, decision-management environments and is now available as part of IBM ODM Advanced. A pre-requisite is PureApplication Software V2.1.1

IBM Operational Decision Manager (IBM ODM) V8.8 provides new capabilities that further
enhance the business user experience, simplify platform operations, and enhance performance.

New capabilities for Decision Server Insights include:

  • New shared aggregates that build on the capabilities of existing local aggregates to define sophisticated aggregations across events that are associated with an entity and can be used across rule agents and multiple time periods.
  • New ability to define moving geometry attributes for representing the location of an entity that moves over time, such as a car, a plane, or a customer.
  • Additional capabilities for easier testing of solutions without programming with a new business-friendly languages for initializing entities and validating results. It allows developers and subject matter experts to easily create and run tests that initialize entities,
    submit events and validates results for a solution.
  • Enhanced capabilities in the Insight Inspector for reviewing and analyzing the results of solution tests.
  • Increased developer productivity with usability enhancements in the Insight Designer.
  • Improved performance and resource consumption of solutions.
  • Support for additional local languages that allow users to define business rules and global aggregates in languages other than English.

New capabilities for Decision Center and Decision Server Rules include:

  • New ruleflow viewer in the Business Console, with task details and intuitive navigation between flows, tasks, and rules
  • New content explorer view in the Business Console
  • New decision operation editor in the Business Console
  • New administrative user interface for managing users, groups and simplified permissions
  • Extended support for rolling upgrade and cross version compatibility.

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