IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) on Cloud is a collaborative, role-based cloud service to capture, automate, and manage frequently occurring, repeatable rules-based business decisions. Packaged in a monthly subscription, this service provides everything you need to develop, test, and put rules into production: our tooling, governance capabilities, and powerful rule engine.

On December 6th, 2016, the ODM on Cloud service has been updated providing significant updates and new capabilities.  The service enhancements are articulated around 3 main themes:

  • Simplify the journey to the API Economy
  • Business Console Improvements
  • Simplify the purchase cycle


December 2016 release themes

Simplify the journey to the API economy

Operational Decision Manager on Cloud delivers an easier way to consume the decisions services through API calls. This can now be easily performed through an OpenAPI description generated for runtime decision services. This new capability is also compatible with an API management tool like IBM API connect.

OpenAPI service description from the RES Console

This new release of the service opens the doors to Hybrid Cloud architectures allowing on-premises and cloud based applications to invoke decisions programmatically.

Business Console Improvements

This new release of the ODM on Cloud services continues to deliver more capabilities in the Business Console with the final goal to provide the comprehensive set management features.  This new release continues to bring more autonomy to users for updating and maintaining their business decisions end-to-end from the Business Console.

The enhanced Business Console now offers:

  • Row filtering in Decision Tables simplifying the navigation inside large table
  • More resources management capabilities in Decision Service projects
  • Ability to update dynamic domain and perform so side-by-side domain comparisons
  • Ability to compare and merging rules project branches

Side-by-side dynamic domain comparison

Simplify purchase cycle

ODM on Cloud December 2016 release enables new usage-based pricing that allows you to subscribe to a level based on decisions executed and artifacts managed, rather than on a per Instance that is based on a set configuration. With this new pricing model, you pay for the value you plan to use.

Note: This new pricing model does not impact US Federal organizations.

For more detailed information on the new pricing, please refer to the announcement letter or contact your sales representative.

Note: About the former pricing model withdrawal, please refer to the withdrawal announcement letter.

For More information

Additional details on  “What’s new in ODM on Cloud”  is available on the  IBM Knowledge Center.


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