IBM has announced its new Operational Decision Manager software release to enhance Process Transformation and reinventing business operations.

The new software release is focused on delivering ease of management for decision services, enriches DevOps automation, and facilitates integration with API management products

IBM ODM V8.9 was announced on 21st February 2017 and will be available on March 3rd for electronic distribution.

Additional capabilities have been added to IBM ODM V8.9, including improvements for Decision Center, Decision Server Rules and Decision Server Insights.

New capabilities for Decision Center include:

Dynamic domains 2

  • Allows users to easily update dynamic domains for decision services, with an improved view on expected changes before applying any update as seen in the image above.
  • Resource files can be managed from the same interface as other elements of decision service projects.
  • Release managers can fully manage decision service branches with a redesigned interface. This includes a manual comparison and merge tool between two releases or branches.
  • Rule authors can filter the view on decision tables, for increased productivity.
  • Developers can configure rule testing to work with custom scenario providers, to go beyond what Excel spreadsheets can support.

New capabilities for Decision Server Rules:


  • Generation of OpenAPI / Swagger 2.0 compliant descriptions from the Rule Execution Server (RES) Console, for easy publication and management of runtime decision services with API management solutions, such as IBM API Connect. The description on the right hand side of the image above is in a standard format and is easy to read and understand.
  • A new, lightweight Build command, which is provided as a Maven plugin, to simplify decision service build automation and integration with DevOps infrastructure.
  • Decision Engine is now the new default rule engine. It is updated with tutorials and samples.
  • Includes a faster-to-start and lighter sample server that is based on IBM WebSphere Liberty.

New capabilities for Decision Server Insights:

  • Performance improvements for temporal reasoning
  • Better resource usage and new advanced connectivity properties

In addition, ODM v8.9 includes:

  • Enablement to utilize Cloud Product Insights, an IBM Bluemix service. This helps users track their IBM product usage. By using Cloud Product Insights, users can measure the usage of Decision Server Rules and Decision Center components, such as the number of decisions or the number of managed artifacts.
  • Support for additional application servers and databases for Decision Server Rules and Decision Center.
  • Default installation of Rules Designer now uses IBM Java™ 8.
  • Simplification in the feature set, with the removal of some deprecated and legacy modules. View Announcement document at the top of the article for more details.

To ensure the migration path is simple no rule content migration is required when you upgrade from ODM V8.8, or later, because rule projects in Decision Server Rules and Decision Center repository are compatible with ODM V8.9.

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