IBM has announced its new Operational Decision Manager Standard for z/OS V8.9 software release to enhance Process Transformation and reinventing business operations.

The new software release is focused on delivering ease of management for decision services, enriches DevOps automation, and facilitates integration with API management products

IBM ODM Standard for z/OS V8.9 was announced on 21st February 2017 and will be available on March 17th for electronic distribution.

Additional capabilities have been added to IBM ODM Standard for z/OS V8.9 offering for Decision Server Rules, and there may be other valuable updates in IBM ODM V8.9 like Decision Center.

New v8.9 capabilities for Decision Server Rules which are common across the family :


  • Generation of OpenAPI / Swagger 2.0 compliant descriptions from the Rule Execution Server (RES) Console, for easy publication and management of runtime decision services with API management solutions, such as IBM API Connect. The description on the right hand side of the image above is in a standard format and is easy to read and understand.
  • A new, lightweight Build command, which is provided as a Maven plugin, to simplify decision service build automation and integration with DevOps infrastructure.
  • Decision Engine is now the new default rule engine. It is updated with tutorials and samples.
  • Includes a faster-to-start and lighter sample server that is based on IBM WebSphere Liberty.

Additional v8.9 z/OS specific capabilities for Decision Server Rules :

  • A new batch API to allow multiple decisions to be executed on a single request to a stand-alone zRule Execution Server from z/OS batch applications. This provides optimization over sending multiple individual requests.
  • A new time-out capability on zRule Execution Server client API.
  • Support for optional parameters to a zRule Execution Server.
  • Support for out only parameters on requests to a zRule Execution Server.
  • Support for connecting to a Liberty profile WebSphere Application Server by using the WebSphere Optimized Local Adapter with the zRule Execution Server API.
  • Default installation of Rules Designer now uses IBM Java™ 8.

If you are interested in additional V8.9 Family capabilities for Decision Center you can view the Blog IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9 Announced , or view the IBM Operational Decision Manager Standard for z/OS V8.9 Announce

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  1. Adarsh Khanna April 04, 2017

    is the batch API available with embedded ZRES topology?

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