The Business Rules service for Bluemix helps you capture, automate and govern frequent, repeatable business decisions. As part of this service, tooling is available to model and author decisions. To make decision modeling even easier and accessible to a wider audience, IBM is exploring new ways to express and specify decision logic. As part of this, IBM is launching Decision Composer, an experimental application on Bluemix whose main characteristics are that:

  • It’s an interactive, user-friendly web interface, where you can define the data that drive your decision, and the logic that shapes your decision.
  • It’s a cloud-based modeling application: there is nothing to install, nothing to store locally. It’s available on IBM Bluemix cloud, with your Bluemix ID.
  • It’s inspired by the Decision Model and Notation standard (DMN), which is specifically devoted to describing and modeling repeatable decisions. It also benefits from years of IBM expertise in decision management tools.
  • It brings together all important elements to model a decision: input data that drives the decision process, a diagram that describes the high level structure of the decision, business rules and decision tables that define the core parts of the logic.
  • You can test the decisions you’ve modeled. You can submit multiple sample input data and see whether you’re taking the right decisions.
  • You can then deploy decisions on your Business Rules service for Bluemix and process them at a larger scale. You can also download your project and deploy it locally with IBM Operational Decision Manager v8.9.

Decision Composer helps you model data and decisions together

Decision Composer helps you model data and decisions together

Why is this an experimental application?

We often see business analysts willing to use DMN and top-down approaches. We would like to work with them and share ideas about an integrated modeling environment they would love to use.
Also, we believe that modeling decisions should be accessible to a wider audience beyond IT. Ultimately, decisions should be in business people’s hands. But, yes, the thought process leading to complex decisions is challenging. With this program, we want to propose new ways and techniques and see how far users can reasonably go. And maybe further simplify the process.
This application is available “as is” on Bluemix and accessible from the Business Rules service for Bluemix. Please note that Decision Composer is not a supported tool and must not be used for production. Again, the intent is to gather feedback from the decision modeling community.

How to join the experimental program?

There are two ways to start using Decision Composer:

  1. Start a Business Rules service for Bluemix. When your service has begun, you can see a button to launch Decision Composer. Later, when you have authored some decisions, you can publish them to the same service.
  2. Start using Decision Composer directly by clicking:

How to chat, share feedback and ideas?

Again, the goal is to get your feedback and see if we can come up with an approach that you’ll love to use. You can engage with us through the following channels:

  • Ask us to invite you to our Slack channel, which is the best vehicle to ask questions, exchange ideas with us and others.
  • Ask your questions on IBM developerWorks.
  • If you want to ask a private question or if you want to engage with us, just send us a mail.

2 comments on"Join the Decision Composer experimental program to make Decision Modeling easier"

  1. Stacie Kenney March 20, 2017

    This sounds ideal, but what is the difference between this tool and the decision modeling available in BlueworksLive (BWL) with the exception of being able to test and deploy rules? I really like the visual modeling available in BWL, so if this tool takes off, then with that component go away? In BWL you can export BPD’s to then import into the authoring environment, and I like being able to call out my rules within the context of a process. With that said, it would have been nice to have added the export or deployment feature to BWL instead of a separate platform IMHO.

    • Guilhem Molines March 20, 2017

      Hello Stacie,
      They are different tools. BWL is intended for discovery. As you pointed out, a BPD can be exported to a twx file, but then you have some work to do before you can render it executable. On the decision side, there’s no export feature out of BWL, nor would it really be possible, since the models captured in BWL do not have any typing notion. in Decision Composer, we want to experiment with the interactions involved in modeling data structures, decision model and decision logic. And one of key point for this iterative process to be successful is the ability to execute the decision model and refine it as you go. We haven’t included yet any import/export capability to Decision Composer, but could consider it. Thanks for your feedback, do not hesitate to join our Slack channel, which makes for a more convenient place for discussion.

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