IBM® Operational Decision Manager (ODM) V8.9.2 was announced on March 13th, 2018 and is now available to use as of March 23rd  for electronic distribution.

Weather vane and high clouds

The new release has 3 main themes:

  • Support for IBM Cloud Private
  • A new ODM for Developers installer
  • A simplified product structure

Support for IBM Cloud Private

ODM V8.9.2 can now be deployed on IBM Cloud Private through a set of predefined Docker images and Kubernetes charts for Cloud Private. It features support for business-rule-project creation and management with Decision Center and Decision Server Rules components.

A new ODM for Developers installer

A new product installer for ODM that is available at no charge for development and evaluation purposes only. Delivered as a Docker image on Docker Hub, which is combined with an Eclipse plugin for Rule Designer, the development environment. ODM for developers includes Decision Center and Decision Server Rules

A simplified product structure

ODM Standard and ODM Advanced editions are now combined into a single offering, “ODM Server“, which includes Decision Center, Decision Server Rules, and Decision Server Insights under a single license.

Decision Server Express® and Decision Center Express are also merged into into a single offering, “ODM Server Express“. This new structure is intended to ease both ordering and compliance for ODM. For more details, see the Ordering information section.

For more Information see the Announcement Letter or the new Knowledge Center Documentation.


Image source: shared under Creative Commons.

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