If you’re just returning from a summer holiday or emerging from a winter hibernation you might have missed the release of the latest fix pack for ODM 8.9.x, which came out at the end of July. As usual the fix pack includes corrections — the list of issues (APARs) addressed is at the bottom of the fix pack page — but there are also some interesting feature updates for you too.

Better container assignment, fewer PVUs

On ODM for IBM Cloud Private, now you can assign ODM containers to particular worker nodes, which means you only need PVUs for those nodes actually using ODM rather than a PVU for all the nodes that could run ODM.

Decision Center extras

This fix pack introduces a few new goodies to the Business console. Now you can:

  • Update decision table content with an import from Excel
  • Manage runtime servers
  • Manage tags and rule-overriding properties
  • Use custom editors to set and change properties
  • Allow standard users to import new decision services
  • Provide feedback directly in the console

Get the downloads

If you have ODM 8.9.x installed you can start straight away and get the downloads from IBM Support.

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