IBM has announced a new edition of the IBM business rule management system on the cloud

IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud Express provides an even lower entry cost solution to operational decision management capabilities delivered as-a-service on IBM Cloud. It will be available on October 19th 2018

ODMoC Express provides a full decision management set of capabilities in an entry level package.

It provides a single, preconfigured development environment that could be used for development, test, or production to get users started within 48 hours without IT support.
It is designed for non-mission-critical, simpler business rule applications with lower entitlements than the starting point for ODM on Cloud.

It provides the following value:

  • You can start small, rapidly experiment and see value quickly.
  • It captures, manages, and automates business policies, practices, and regulations on the cloud.
  • Gain more visibility and control of users’ business decisions.

For more details on ODM on Cloud Express or to compare with ODM on Cloud

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