This is where you can find, use, and contribute prebuilt decision sample assets using rules for IBM ODM.

The assets have been moved to a new IBM Bluemix Toolchain Repository .

Assets are hosted at no charge and can be searched from this page.

Searching for Assets

To access and use assets you may need to sign up for Github(no charge).

In the “See All Assets” search select the project title to view the Project

We provide a way for searching for ODM assets which are classified as described in the Contributing assets section.

See All Assets Classified as ODM viewallodm
See Assets by Category odm-rule odm-dsi odm-api odm-admin
Rules ProjectsDSI ProjectsAPI ExtensionsTest & Admin Tools

These include

  • Rule Project samples which run on ODM Decision Server or Bluemix
  • DSI Project samples which run on ODM Advanced – Decision Server Insights
  • Application samples which extend ODM API’s
  • Test or Administration Tool samples

Contribute an asset

Do you have an asset that you would like to contribute? Click here to find out how to start sharing your asset