• Welcome to the ODM Developer Center

    We created the ODM Developer Center to give Rule Analysts, Rule Developers a place to view latest ODM information and to find, use, and share sample assets that have been developed by IBM and the IBM ODM community to extend the core ODM functionality. Basically, this is the place to go for things that don’t…

  • What you can find here

    Overview The docs section on the ODM Developer Center is a supplement to the official documentation for IBM ODM. This has been updated in April 2018 for the v8.9.2 software release which is in the Knowledge Center for IBM Operational Decision Manager Knowledge Center for IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud If you are a…

  • Best Practices

    This section covers best practices with IBM Operational Decision Manager

  • Business Operations Connect

    Business Operations Connect is part of a new IBM “Connect” series of capabilities to provide a unified consistent and productive way of leveraging an API and micro-services across the business. Its a new way unlock your existing processes and decisions to be re-used as managed API’s by new Hybrid Cloud applications and also enable Processes…

  • Cognitive Business Operations

    Cognitive Business Operations are processes and decisions that can sense, respond, and learn. These processes and decisions can learn from structured and unstructured data to improve the quality and consistency of decisions, and the aptitude and effectiveness of knowledge workers to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Harnessing formerly undiscoverable insights, you can identify and resolve issues…

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for ODM

  • ODM Capabilities

    This section is designed to have short articles on ODM capability and group via the main components within ODM namely ODM Decision Center ODM Decision Server Rules ODM Decision Server Insights

  • ODM Online Education

    Operational Decision Manager Online Education (previously known as IBM Education Assistant), is a collection of multimedia educational modules designed to help you gain a better understanding of ODM components and their new features, and use them more effectively to meet your business requirements. Select the ODM product and version applicable to the ODM level you…

  • ODM Software Updates

    This document section provides information on software updates. IBM ODM on Cloud service updates which will happen multiple times per year. The ODM on Cloud service documented linked to this section will summarize when the updates are made and what new content is available, as well as pointing to the Knowledge Center documentation For IBM…

  • Recommended Reading on ODM

    Recommended reading is designed to point Rule Developers, Rule Architects and other IT users who use IBM Operational Decision Manager to an appropriate set of additional reading. The two main sources of content are Redbooks and Developerworks articles are a great source of information

  • Solutions

    Solutions is where we document some of the joint integrations and use cases between Operational Decision Manager with other IBM products to demonstrate what can be achieved

  • Support

    Join Operational Decision Manager (ODM) users community and get your answers here using dwAnswers. You can also access via the "Forum" heading on the Developer Center. Using the ibmodm tag you will find all information related to Operational Decision Management. If the answer you are looking for is not there, ask your question. If you…