Article by Andy Ritchie and Nicolas Sauterey

In ODM Standard Version 8.8, and ODM on Cloud service during 2016 creating OpenAPI definitions using Swagger 2.0 of a Decision Services to expose to Cloud based applications and processes was quite a lengthy process. This was documented in the article How to expose the api of an executable decision service in odm with a swagger description

New capability for OpenAPI support was provided in the December 2016 IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud software service update and more recently in the March 2017 IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9 software release (including z/OS) to make this much easier to produce.

Creation of the OpenAPI Definition using Swagger 2.0 can be done directly from the Rule Execution Server user interfaces where users have traditionally generated web services.

Create OpenAPI

This generates the OpenAPI Definition


The OpenAPI definitions can be used directly by Cloud Developers to prototype and invoke solutions including ODM decisions.

The OpenAPI definitions can also be imported into IBM API Connect Catalog and become managed APIs which have access controls on who can use, at what rate they can use and monitoring of service use can be easily be achieved.

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