Operational Decision Manager Online Education (previously known as IBM Education Assistant), is a collection of multimedia educational modules designed to help you gain a better understanding of ODM components and their new features, and use them more effectively to meet your business requirements.

Select the ODM product and version applicable to the ODM level you are working with.
Note: version collections have “what’s new” and new feature details for each release. If you do not see the topic you need in the version you are working, look at the previous levels.

ODM on Cloud topics include: Security, Cloud, Integration, Capability Comparison with ODM on Premise

ODM Version 8.9.1 topics include: Performance and scalability improvements, a new REST API for automation, and enhanced usage metering

ODM Version 8.9 topics include: User empowerment in the Business Console, improved development and operations (DevOps) features like OpenAPI, API Management, Devops pipeline, improved developer experience and Integration with IBM Cloud Product Insights.

ODM Version 8.8 topics include: Business Console Administration; Decision Table Improvement; Artifacts Management; Decision Server Insights Shared Aggregates; Solution Testing; Moving Geometry and Map Viewer; Insight Monitor; Insights on z/OS; ODM Patterns; and more…

ODM Version 8.7 topics include: Business Rules Simulation; Decision Server Insights Overview; Connectivity; Insight Inspector; Troubleshooting; and more…

ODM Version 8.6 topics include: Decision Service; Rule Project Migration; Rule Testing in Business Console; Decision Governance Framework; z/OS Batch; and more…

ODM Version 8.5 topics include: Decision Engine; Progressive Migration, Decision Governance Framework; REST API, z/OS SMF; PL/I; ODM Pattern; and more…

The modules are categorized based on the releases. You can quickly identify the module type and format with the following Icon Keys::

  • video-iconVideo: available in IBM Media Center
  • youtube-iconVideo: available on YouTube
  • audio-iconAudio: Includes audio
  • lecturePresentation: A technical overview that provides background on a topic
  • instructionsLab/Tutorial: Step by step instructions to follow for completing a task
  • pdfPDF: PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • winzip-iconZIP: ZIP format
  • resourcesOther: Additional reading material
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