We created the ODM Developer Center to give Rule Analysts, Rule Developers a place to view latest ODM information and to find, use, and share sample assets that have been developed by IBM and the IBM ODM community to extend the core ODM functionality. Basically, this is the place to go for things that don’t come in the installation package of IBM ODM.

The Developer Center is designed to provide a single location for collaboration around both traditional ODM rule based decision services which run on ODM Decision Server or our recently available ODM on Cloud as well. It also has capability for context and situational based insights which in V8.9.2 is also part of ODM Server.

For sample assets you’ll notice that we use GitHub as the mechanism to share and collaborate on assets. If you’d like to share your asset with the community, just upload it to a jazzHub repository, and invite @spcommunity to your project so everyone can easily find it. You may also fork the template project we’ve developed to get you started which also helps with appropriate licenses.

For ODM Information we provide easy access to Videos which demonstrate how to use various capabilities in ODM and how to integrate with other IBM products. We also provide links to latest documentation in the Docs section.

You’ll also notice that we’ve got a forum to discuss anything about building, using, or finding prebuilt assets for IBM ODM. Hope you enjoy the new social features that we have put into the forum. Tag your question with “IBM ODM” and it will be easier for the community to find and answer.

ODM is part of the new IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business which provides the leading set of capabilities to meet client needs.

In the Docs section there is a solutions section where additional information on how ODM works with RPA and Digital Labor, Workflow and other capabilities can be found

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