We’ve just introduced you to the IBM Object Storage service SDKs. Now, it’s time for you to test them out on your own.

Not sure where to start? Here are three resources we thought you’d find useful.

1. Making great mobile applications with IBM Object Storage service: This blog introduces you to IBM Object Storage, shows you how to connect to Object Storage, and shows you sample flows, complete with downloadable code, of how to use the SDKs to deliver user credentials to your mobile and app and how to use the SDKs in a Node.js backend server.

2. Get started with Object Storage: The helpful IBM Bluemix documentation introduces you to Object Storage, shows you how to use the SDKs, gives you troubleshooting tips, and answers frequently asked questions.

3. See it in action! Build a mobile web app for assisting stray dogs: In this two-part tutorial series, the authors shows you how he built a mobile application that allowed people to easily report injured or ill stray dogs to a central database, including photos and GPS locations. The tutorial gives you code that leverages modern smartphone capabilities like built-in GPS and cameras, works well on all mobile devices, and can be easily extended to cover other usage scenarios.

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