Christopher Ferris

Christopher is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO Open Technology in the IBM Cloud  organization. He has been involved in the architecture, design, and engineering of distributed systems for most of his 36+ year career in IT and has been actively engaged in open standards and open source development since 1999. He has technical responsibility for IBM's strategic open source and standards initiatives, including OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Hyperledger Project, Open Container Initiative, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Mesos, Node.js and Docker. He represents IBM on the Hyperledger Governance Board, is a Maintainer of the Hyperleger fabric project and is the twice elected chair of the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee.

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Open Blockchain: Graduation to incubation!

I am happy to report that that proposal was unanimously approved by the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee and the first incubating project of the Hyperledger...

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