Neil MacKinnon


I am a writer, editor, and digital content strategist at IBM Canada. I appreciate crisp writing, cold beer, and one-handed backhands. When I'm not in front of one screen or another, you'll find me on the court playing something that vaguely resembles tennis.

Bluemix Documentation Tech Talk

Recorded: May 10, 2017 The IBM Bluemix product documentation project invites Bluemix users to collaborate in creating product documentation that is accurate and up-to-date. In this webcast, project team members Jenifer Schlofeldt, Sebastian Furher, and Grant Gayed discuss the goals of releasing Bluemix docs to open source and the tools they use...  Continue reading Bluemix Documentation Tech Talk

Accessibility Tech Talk

Recorded: April 26, 2017 IBM has released two new projects on the developerWorks/open community, AccProbe and Va11yS, to help alleviate accessibility roadblocks during the agile development process, strengthen the user experience by adhering to industry standards, and reduce costs by ensuring accessibility is done right from the beginning. Join IBM Accessibility leaders Continue reading Accessibility Tech Talk

Brunel Visualization Update Tech Talk

Recorded: April 12, 2017 Brunel Visualization is a highly flexible open source language for creating interactive visualizations inside of data science tools such as IBM Data Science Experience. Join project leaders Dan Rope and Graham Wills for an overview of recent improvements to Brunel Visualization since their initial tech talk...  Continue reading Brunel Visualization Update Tech Talk

QISKit and Quantum Computing Tech Talk

Recorded: March 29, 2017 Join Lev Bishop from IBM’s Theory of Quantum Computing Group for an introduction to quantum computing and the QISKit open source project. Lev demonstrates QISKit’s API and SDK, showing how to use Jupyter Notebooks and Python code to execute multiple quantum algorithms in the cloud, connecting to IBM’s...  Continue reading QISKit and Quantum Computing Tech Talk

Writing Cognitive Swift Apps Tech Talk

Recorded: March 8, 2017 In this replay, members of the Watson Developer Cloud Swift SDK development team walk you through the process of building Swift apps that use Watson and also introduce you to some application demos that use the SDK. They demonstrate Cognitive Concierge, a restaurant recommendations app written entirely in Swift, which...  Continue reading Writing Cognitive Swift Apps Tech Talk