Cognitive Catalyst: Overview


You’ve got a great idea for an application using cognitive services. You’re making great progress and along the way developed an awesome tool for expediting your development process. Being a large proponent and active contributor to the open source community, you want to share your tool with a larger community developing cognitive services. As you try to attract more attention to this tool, you can only find restricted open source communities – which exclusively share their own development efforts. And just like that, your awesome tool gets left behind and developers are left to create their own tools from scratch.

Cognitive Catalyst is an open source community that accelerates the development of cognitive applications. The central goal of Cognitive Catalyst is to empower a community of cognitive developers to collaboratively create open source software for extending and augmenting the capabilities of cognitive applications.

Fostering a self-sustaining community, Cognitive Catalyst brings together Watson developers from IBM and our business partner ecosystem into a single collaborative community. This community is governed by a set of standards and best practices that will evolve as the community matures. Another unique feature about Cognitive Catalyst is the Wish List. The Wish List serves as a bulletin board of new projects in which the community has expressed interest. Any developer can start development on one of these projects. Overall, developers in Cognitive Catalyst will be able to influence and augment the future of cognitive applications and services.

Why should I contribute?

As a developer and contributor to Cognitive Catalyst, you have the unique opportunity to not only contribute to these open source projects but also to foster and steward the future direction of Cognitive Catalyst. Additionally, there are many roles from user and contributor to project maintainer and community moderator that a developer can hold as a member of Cognitive Catalyst.

What technology problem will I help solve?

One word: Time. Time is a developer’s worst enemy. The origin of programming itself is about saving time by empowering computers to process unlimited volumes of data at an unimaginable scale. Inherently, programming thrives on reusability and extensibility. By providing and embracing the open source community with fundamental tools and guidelines, the potential is unlimited. As a result, developers will be able to rapidly create cognitive applications.

How will Cognitive Catalyst help my business?

Cognitive Catalyst produces solutions to common problems that people encounter while developing cognitive apps. Using Cognitive Catalyst projects cuts down on development efforts spent on already-solved problems. Any business can throw their hat into the ring and support this open source movement by using Cognitive Catalyst tools for their development efforts and contributing back to this evolving community.

Current projects

The projects developed so far will give you a good idea of the direction Cognitive Catalyst is taking. Have a look, and feel free to add more project ideas to the Wish List.


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     image-converter (contributed by Spark Cognition)

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