I am a researcher in the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York, where I also lead the Cloud Monitoring and Analytics team. I am one of the main developers of the core Crawler and VM introspection technology. With my team, we have been developing several operational and DevOps analytics solutions based on crawlers that include compliance and vulnerability scanning, drift detection, configuration analytics, topology discovery, similarity-based software discovery and a cloud time machine.

The presented crawler technology is currently employed in IBM’s recently announced IBM BlueMix Container Cloud, providing effortless monitoring and logging capabilities to end users, and vulnerability and compliance analytics.

Besides crawling clouds, I have worked on energy management in data centers and virtualized systems, and I also have served as the industry chair for the IEEE Sustainable Computing Committee. My colleagues and I have developed a mobile data center robot for autonomous mapping and environmental monitoring in data centers, which has been deployed and used in four continents. I developed agile power management techniques that were used in IBM servers, and also distributed resource and power management schemes that were used in IBM virtualization management solutions. Some of my past work on VM migration and Demand Estimation has been contributed to KVM and OpenStack.

Prior to IBM, I was a Senior Technical Staff Member at VMware, working on distributed resource and power management. I published about 50 academic papers with several university collaborations and about 30 patents with IBM, Intel, and VMware. I have a PhD in computer architecture from Princeton University and an MSc with Distinction in VLSI system design from University of Westminster.