Jamie Jennings, Ph.D., IBM Cloud

As a technologist and researcher working on advanced technology projects for IBM’s Cloud Computing division, Jamie focuses on problems that are found outside the scope of product development but that impact how well products work or how easy they are to use.

“There are some amazing capabilities available on the Bluemix platform,” she says, “and I’m particularly interested in how data science tools, like Apache Spark, are becoming accessible to lots of people.”

Jamie designed the Rosie Pattern Language to overcome the limitations of regular expressions by providing a language that makes it easy to specify the information you want to extract from your data.

This is the kind of problem she likes best. “This problem cries out for a simple domain-specific language as its solution,” says Jamie, who has created such solutions in the past as an academic researcher. “A DSL can be a good way to make a highly specialized technology easy to use. And that is very satisfying.”

When she’s not making products easier to use, Jamie can be found on the ice hockey rink, playing music, or volunteering.

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