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Lev Bishop is a theoretical physicist who’s interested in all aspects of quantum computing. He works closely with the IBM Quantum experimental team to make sure that the hardware they develop is practical for running useful algorithms. He also makes sure that the theorists stay grounded — they need to work wit what is currently experimentally realizable!

Recently, Lev’s been working on the IBM Quantum Experience project. He played a major role in producing the Quantum Experience’s first developer access point, the QISKit SDK.

Lev first started thinking about quantum computing in 2008, and eventually wrote his PhD thesis (Yale, 2010) on the physics of superconducting qubits — the same type used at IBM). Lev then did postdoctoral research at IBM and at University of Maryland’s Joint Quantum Institute, where he studied superconducting qubits, as well as other hardware platforms for quantum computing.

Having joined IBM’s Quantum Information Theory Group in 2014, Lev’s research interests align nicely with IBM’s goals for quantum computing. He is a contributor to the QISKit open source project that provides developers with programmatic access to IBM’s Quantum Experience.

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