Ozair Sheikh, IBM Hybrid Cloud

I have been a services consultant at IBM for over 10 years, consulting with customers on enterprise solutions API and microservices designs. I am passionate about writing mobile applications that use cloud-based services, which follow an API / microservices-based architecture.

Over the last few years, I have seen a major shift in the way gateways are used within the industry. Specifically, gateways are no longer a technology for the security and middleware operations teams. Instead, they are now on the minds of developers who want to build more scalable applications that follow API and microservices best practices.

I am transitioning to becoming a full-stack developer. I don’t have the time to learn the latest programming language and have invested heavily in learning JavaScript. I have written several hybrid mobile applications using Ionic / Angular.js for the client-side and used loopback.io for my backend APIs and microservices.

The API Microgateway fits well into my developer toolbox, as it allows me to leverage my JavaScript skills and quickly add a gateway into my architecture. I can now focus on enhancing the client and server side components of my application without worrying about security and rate limiting requirements since the API micro gateway provides those features without any coding.

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