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Date(s) - January 11, 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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NOTE: The webcast will begin promptly at 11:00 a.m. ET.

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The Eclipse OMR open source project was created in early 2016 as a toolkit for building all kinds of high performance language runtimes, with reusable enterprise-caliber components such as a platform porting layer, thread library, and a highly scalable garbage collector. The project now includes a Just In Time (JIT) compiler, along with a project called JitBuilder that makes it easier than ever before to dynamically compile languages straight to hardware instructions for higher performance.

Join IBM Senior Software Developer Mark Stoodley to learn more about the JIT compiler and JitBuilder components from the Eclipse OMR project. Mark will provide an overview and describe some of the exploratory projects that are showing how this technology can be used to dynamically compile languages like Java, Ruby, Javascript, Python, Lua, Smalltalk, and the Rosie Pattern Language. Most of these compiler projects are or soon will be available as open technology.

NOTE: The webcast will begin promptly at 11:00 a.m. ET. If you are unable to attend the webcast for any reason, a replay of the presentation along with charts and Q&A will be available for viewing on our Videos page shortly after the call.

The developerWorks Open Tech Talks are a series of calls and demos where dW Open project owners peel back the covers of their open source projects, sharing functions, techniques, challenges, and goals.

The series is designed to help you understand more about the projects currently on developerWorks Open, introduce you to the developers, communities, and ecosystems that are driving open source innovation at IBM, and help you discover opportunities to use and contribute to these projects and connect with the innovators and communities behind them.

To watch previously recorded developerWorks Open Tech Talks and view charts, transcripts, and Q&As, visit the developerWorks Open Videos page or the developerWorks Open YouTube channel.

2 comments on"dW Open Tech Talk: Eclipse OMR update"

  1. RandyHudson January 10, 2017

    Everyone knows JIT stands for “Just in Time”. Yet, again we are left wondering what OMR means.

    • Neil MacKinnon January 10, 2017

      Randy, thanks for your question. In an earlier tech talk, the project owners stated that “OMR” doesn’t actually stand for anything — they’ll no doubt be happy to reiterate why they chose the name during the talk on Jan 11.

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